Local Unions

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About Your Local Union

As a member, you are represented on the job by your Local Union. Your Local Union Business Manager shoulders this responsibility, in many cases with the assistance of one or more Field Representatives. In addition, your Business Manager may appoint stewards to provide day-to-day representation on the job site. Business Managers are selected by you- the union member- as are the other officers of your Local Union Executive Board.

Your Local Union protects you in many ways, such as:

  • Enforces rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Assists members in finding employment through its referral service or hiring hall.  

  • Provides apprenticeship and training programs, offering members the opportunity to develop and improve skills needed to obtain – and to retain- employment in an ever more complex and demanding working environment.  

  • Enforces legal rights, such as those extended to workers under the National Labor Relations Act. 

  • Promotes jobsite safety as guaranteed under OSHA.  

  • Protects against discrimination in employment by enforcing both contract rights and legal rights such as those found in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.