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You have probably heard the term “union” more than once over the years, but what exactly does it mean? With many definitions and explanations, few people truly understand what a union is

“A Union is a group of workers coming together to improve their lives.”

Collectively, unions have fought for the rights and protections afforded to union and non-union working class alike such as:

• Weekend

• Child Labor Laws

• Paid Vacation

• Worker’s Comp

• 8 Hour Work Day

• Sexual Harassment Laws

• Overtime pay

• Holiday pay

• Equal pay acts

• The right to strike

These benefits are the result of a battle against corporations and employers that unions have fought with unwavering commitment for well over a century in order to better the lives of the working class.

Working with LIUNA, members have the opportunities for advancement and a ladder to the working middle class.

• Apprenticeship program offers a career pathway for prospective members of all skill and experience backgrounds.

• As a union member, members enjoy competitive pay and benefits that offer a path to the middle class.

• LIUNA Journey workers often go on to earn advanced certifications -building their careers as construction supervisors, safety officers or training instructors.

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The Benefits of Union Membership








We fight for working people:

The LIUNA Difference- from pay to training and retirement, over 500,000 LIUNA members and their families live better because of the following advantages we offer :


• By ensuring/preventing members death, illness and injury

• LIUNA members are safer on the job 


• Members make more per week than their non union counterparts

• As a union worker you earn more on the job

• Men & women working in the construction industry see the difference a union makes in every paycheck.


• A skilled workforce; providing career paths & continuing education system in the world.

• Our apprenticeship and training programs offer opportunity to develop and improve skills needed to build your career. 


• Workers within a union also have an advantage when it comes to HEALTHCARE (Medical, Dental, Vision) & RETIREMENT (Annuity).

• Medical, Dental, Vision for you and your family,100% funded by employer 


• As a LIUNA member you are represented/protected in many ways.

• Your local union will protect you in many ways from enforcing legal rights to protecting you against discrimination in the workplace


• LIUNA members are represented by their local union ranging from assisting members in finding employment to negotiating with employers for family supporting pay and benefits.


Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund

The Laborers' New England Region Organizing Fund fulfills LIUNA promise to empower our members, raise their standard of living, offer them a strong voice in the workplace and protect their health and safety by expanding our market share and growing our membership. New members make our bargaining position stronger, giving us the ability to achieve higher wages and better benefits for all LIUNA members.

Our Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund provides Local Unions with support during campaigns, including materials, research and technical assistance to bring the power of LIUNA membership to workers everywhere.

With the power of the Laborers’ International Union of North America behind them our Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund also assists in developing comprehensive organizing campaigns from the ground up such as the union’s weatherization and pipeline organizing campaigns.

Find out more about organizing your workplace.

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