The Benefits of Union Membership

Five facts about the benefits that LiUNA members will tell you about:

  1. I earn more -- government statistics show that the average pay for union construction workers is more than 50% above that of non-union construction workers.

  2. LIUNA has one of the best continuing education systems in the world – and it’s free. Training helps me find more work and keeps me safer on the job.

  3. There's healthcare and a pension – 82% of union construction workers have health insurance, compared to only 46% of non-union construction workers and 77% of union construction workers have a pension plan, compared to only 35% of non-union construction workers.

  4. We're better off together than going it alone.

Join The Union

As a member, you will be represented on the job by your Local Union. Your Local Union Business Manager shoulders this responsibility, in many cases with the assistance of one or more Field Representatives. In addition, your Business Manager may appoint stewards to provide day-to-day representation on the job site. Business Managers are selected by you—the union member—as are the other officers of your Local Union Executive Board. Your Local Union protects you in many ways, such as:

  • Enforces rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Assists members in finding employment through its referral service or hiring hall.

  • Provides apprenticeship and training programs, offering members the opportunity to develop and improve skills needed to obtain—and to retain—employment in an ever more complex and demanding working environment.

  • Enforces legal rights, such as those extended to workers under the National Labor Relations Act.

  • Promotes jobsite safety as guaranteed under OSHA.

  • Protects against discrimination in employment by enforcing both contract rights and legal rights such as those found in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.


We fight for working people:

LiUNA stands for fairness for working people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or country of origin.

We stand for helping employers succeed based on providing the highest quality of work in the world and by being responsible members of our communities.

LiUNA stands for individual advancement and opening the doors to new opportunity by offering members and employers the best free adult education system there is, with training in the skills needed to build our communities and our countries.

We stand for a strong union movement that can restore the strength of the middle class, and we are doing our share with one of the union movement’s most ambitious organizing commitments to help tens of thousands of working people join together

We believe everyone who works deserves:

  • a fair wage

  • health and safety protections 

  • the right to safe working conditions 

  • respect and the freedom to join together in a union 

  • access to health care and a dignified retirement 

We stand for the right

  • to fight for collective bargaining rights 

  • to defend family-supporting laws such as the U.S. Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Act 

  • to build a modern infrastructure that keeps our countries competitive and creates good jobs 

  • to strive for a sound pension system and national health care policy 

  • to stand up for laws that acknowledge the contributions of immigrants 

  • to make international trade fair

The Laborer’s New England Region Organizing Fund

The Laborers' New England Region Organizing Fund fulfills LiUNA’s promise to empower our members, raise their standard of living, offer them a strong voice in the workplace and protect their health and safety by expanding our market share and growing our membership. New members make our bargaining position stronger, giving us the ability to achieve higher wages and better benefits for all LiUNA members.

Our Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund provides Local Unions with support during campaigns, including materials, research and technical assistance to bring the power of LiUNA membership to workers everywhere. With the power of the Laborers’ International Union of North America behind them our Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund also assists in developing comprehensive organizing campaigns from the ground up such as the union’s weatherization and pipeline organizing campaigns. 

Find out more about organizing your workplace. Call 1-888-LiUNA-88