New England Laborers’ Labor-Management Cooperation Trust

In a fiercely competitive economy, the success of both labor and management increasingly depends on their ability to define shared interests and pursue common goals. The New England Laborers’ Labor-Management Cooperation Trust (NELLMCT) was the first organization of its kind in the United States. Together with our signatory contractors and employers, NELLMCT works to maintain positive relationships with industry specialists in order to address the complex issues that arise in securing increased market share.

This includes working with government officials to make sure that procurement laws that insure a level playing field for our signatory contractors are maintained and enforced. We work closely with our sister funds to lobby legislators in the New England Region to pass laws that assist our signatory contractors to control spending and improve their bottom line. For example, our organization was instrumental in working with lawmakers to facilitate the passing of OSHA 10 laws across New England, which not only protect workers but also help our contractors by avoiding accidents and safety incidents that can lead to skyrocketing insurance costs.

Our Trust is committed to the principle that union contractors deliver the highest quality craftsmanship for every dollar spent and set the industry standard for reliability.

To achieve that end, we focus on marketing the value of our signatory contractors by tracking projects across New England and the US. From the planning stages, our program gives our contractors a wealth of information on upcoming projects. We also monitor projects to make sure all appropriate laws and regulations are being enforced from the bid stage forward to maintain a level playing field for the contractors who play by the rules. NELLMCT continues to provide information to both labor and management on vital industry issues and trends through symposiums and conferences.


Armand E. Sabitoni - Chairman

Vincent R. Masino

Michael F. Sabitoni

Joseph C. Bonfiglio

Christopher A. Sabitoni


John D. O'Reilly III - Secretary 

Stephen A. Cardi 

David F. Rampone

Rodney G. Frias

Thomas J. Gunning

Joseph Sabitoni - Administrator