New England Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund

Protecting Lives On and Off the Job

Both labor and management take the health and safety of working men and women very seriously. They know that the well being of our union members is intrinsically linked to the productivity and competiveness of the contractor or employer. The staff of this fund draws on the expertise of labor and management to provide information, technical counsel and timely assistance at job sites and work places throughout New England. They also provide assistance in promoting the development of training materials and courses that ensure worker safety, encourage safety education, along with programs that foster healthy lifestyles.

Our programs can help lower injury rates and reduce time lost on the job, translating into reduced insurance costs and projects that can continue on time and on budget. Every positive step towards mitigating injury in what can be dangerous occupations serves every employer, union member and their families.

This fund plays an integral role in conveying the message of health and safety in the workplace upon members, labor leaders, employers, and the general public through coordinated campaigns like Workzone Safety Awareness Week, as well as disseminating timely information on new scientific breakthroughs and safety protocols.


Armand E. Sabitoni - Chairman

Vincent R. Masino

Donato A. Bianco, Jr.

Michael F. Sabitoni

Joseph C. Bonfiglio


John D. O’Reilly III - Secretary

Stephen A. Cardi

David F. Rampone

Rodney G. Frias

Thomas J. Gunning


Raymond C. Coia